About me

/A French elegance, in an Italian heart./

My name is Evelina Mitali and I am the "engine" of "La Petite Italienne - Weddings & Events". I design, plan, study, coordinate and arrange weddings, private events and corporate events in Padua, in the Veneto region and around the world with a unique, unmistakable and exclusive style. I interpret every event as a tailor-made dress, consisting of a harmonious mix of elements and bearing its own communicative, unique and special soul, which has to get straight to the heart.

Always in constant creative evolution, I love to surprise and understand. I know how to listen and create projects discreetly, working behind the scenes with extreme professionalism and commitment. I can sew, draw freehand, tell stories, write newspaper articles, imagine a setting just watching an empty room, smile in front of beautiful things, lift weights, lead a team, develop a business plan, look to the future.

I believe that things done well and with care always lead to a result.
I think that the details always make the difference,
at work, at an event, in life./

I graduated in Marketing & Company Management in Venice, a city that I learned to love and to know. After a Masters in Organization of business Events and Conferences in Bologna I worked in different areas: corporate, administrative, banking, congressional with different roles, never to get bored. I started organizing events in 2009, for a festival dedicated to art and comics, in Padua, I remember it like it was yesterday. Since then I have never stopped going in search of beauty and perfection in every corner of the world, in every single thing, in every project, in every wedding, in every event.

/Organizing events is not just a job,
it's a passion,
it is an absolute privilege./

La Petite Italienne - Weddings & Events is a creative, dynamic and innovative agency. Depending on the event to organize, it is filled with professionals who share the same vision and work to create unique projects. A team of collaborators and chosen suppliers including florists, photographers, video makers, graphic designers, web designers, typographers.

/Together we turn dreams into reality. We give form and name to emotions, we create magic and leave the sign./