Business & Corporate Events

Would you like to organize an event to gain new customers?
Are you planning to launch a new product?
You have just made a re-styling of your hotel and want to let everyone know?

Trust our team
for the design and planning of unique,
elegant and emotional corporate events.

We have a visionary approach based on the creation of exclusive and never banal projects.
We take care of your entire project, we construct beauty, elegance and energy around you
and work out strategies so that everyone can see them..

Why Choose Us...

Depending on the business goals to achieve,/br> we insert the event as part of a promotional project or a wider communication project,
developing innovative and winning strategies to lead your reality to success.

Concept, Design and Organization of events
Follow up after the event

Print Communication + Copywriting
Graphic design
Web content creation

Brand and brand image study
Brand awareness strategies
Development of ad hoc promotional plans

Interior styling projects
Styling + window dressing and interior design
Flower design

Case history

Emotions and new look for Valentine's Day
/Farmhouse-Wine Cellar Sengiari

Creation of brand identity
/La Petite Italienne - Weddings & Events